Archivo diario: diciembre 26, 2011

Infuriating feelings…

This is one of those days. I woke up after several hours of sleep and I came to work. Nothing has happened, nothing has changed, I´m the same from yesterday and from the day before yesterday. I guess is just this time of the year that makes me grumpy.

“What have you done?” from Within Temptation sounds in my ears and I feel so furious!

I feel like screaming, like hitting something – or someone -, like running until I find a dead end… a precipice. I feel like falling.

This is one of those days I would rather I have kept sleeping. I don´t have everything I want and that infuriating feeling is killing me. I have been trying to write something called “Dear Santa” but I can´t write a damn word. I can´t because – I don´t give a shit about Santa and – I´m like The little Prince´s King…

“if I ordered a general to change himself into a sea bird, and if the general did not obey me, that would not be the fault of the general. It would be my fault.”

I can´t ask for things I could not possibly have right now… perhaps never. I don´t like fate. I actually hate that word and the  meaning it entails.

Today is one of those days… but I guess it´ll get better. Now I´m freezing and I can´t stop knitting my brows but I know it´ll pass, I´ll relax… eventually.

Sorry guys, I felt like writing in English this awkward morning. I´ll translate… or maybe not, you shouldn´t be part of this “state of mind”.

Thanks for reading.