Archivo diario: enero 6, 2012

Dirty things…

“Is sex dirty? Only if it’s done right.”

Woody Allen.

Dirtiest thing in sight.

Mouths and teeth; there is a jumble
of starving hands that massacre
the juicy flesh of my breasts, so tender.
Saliva trickling from my lips into yours;
you swallow it as ambrosia from the Gods.
– “Oh my lover, don’t be evil”
– “I’m the dirtiest thing in sight”.

Writing letters on my pelvis,
squeezing, biting, licking, painting.
Purple rings adorn the red skin;
my thighs are burning, I beg for mercy
while you lust the fruit, forbidden.
– “There is blood, my love, just stop it!”
– “I’m the dirtiest thing in sight.”

On my knees, humiliated,
I’m surrendered to your will.
There’s a button you are coveting;
blushes covered all my face
and I try to escape; I can’t.
– “Don’t do that, you sick! you pervert!”
– “I’m the dirtiest thing in sight.”