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Banana Walnut Naked Cake

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Jazz it up with Yesi

My husband loves banana walnut cupcakes. I made them once, a few years ago and had to make them again, just for him, a couple of days later. That time I added chopped walnuts over the cream cheese frosting swirls because he couldn’t get enough of the crunchiness these added. But, let’s be honest. Banana walnut anything, tastes incredible but it doesn’t look that great. The colors developed from these ingredients are earthy and, #sorrynotsorry, kinda boring. So, when he demanded suggested this combination I wasn’t thrilled.

I thought of coloring the frosting and decorating the top and sides of the cake with those pretty flowers. I even considered baking meringues and macarons to make it look trendy and cute. But I really didn’t have that much time to play with it, especially, going thru the 4 months sleep regression with our baby so, I decided to do something feminine…

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